Ethical, Vegan, & Eco-friendly Makeup List

As I've mentioned in the video above, I've stopped wearing makeup since the summer of 2016. I might go back to wearing makeup one day and I might not. However, I created this list for all of you who love expressing themselves and playing with makeup. Have fun.

I hope you find this list helpful, but please note, that I have not tried any of them, I only searched the hell out of each company. I'll keep updating this list, so if you have any suggestions you think I should include in here, please send them my way. If you want product reviews and an in depth explanation of different vegan makeup brands, then check out Tully's list of vegan makeup over here! Ok thanks, bye. Love you x

Animal Testing

Can we take a minute, only one minute to discuss this issue? Thank you. Okay, if you are like me, I used to think that these experiments done on animals are harmless and necessary for the greater good. However, after seeing how cruel these unnecessary tests are done on dogs and bunnies, I was mortified. Animals suffering for nothing, as these tests don't prove anything. After all, a human body doesn't always react the same way as a monkey's.

  1. Elate Beauty
    1. Vegan, eco-friendly, toxin-free, gluten-free, made in Canada, and cruelty-free, of course.
    2. You can request for a plastic-free shipping, they'll do their best to accommodate you.
    3. They do their best to reduce their waste when it comes to shipping. 
    4. Their ingredients are 90% organic! I don't know about you, but that's pretty impressive.
  2. Alima Pure
    1. Refillable!
    2. Non-toxic
    3. Not tested on animals
    4. 10 years of carbon neutral. The offset 100% of their corporate carbon emissions
    5. 1% of sales goes to the planet!
    6. Con: not all products are vegan :(
  3. 100%PURE
    1. They are as pure as it gets with makeup! Impressed, to say the least.
    2. A sustainable business plan that's put into action.
    3. Products are in a recyclable/recycled containers
    4. Biodegradable packaging 
    5. 100% solar power
    6. VEGAN! YAY.
  4. Natio
    1. Most products are vegan 
    2. A mix of natural and synthetic ingredients 
    3. Packaging is recyclable, except the black color cosmetics containers
    4. Cruelty-free
    5. Ships internationally I believe
  5. Arbonne
    1. Vegan certified
    2. Cruelty-free formulas
    3. Soy inks, FSC-certified renewable resources
    4. Recyclable product packaging
    5. Recycled and recyclable shipping boxes
    6. Carbon neutral shipments
    7. Water conservation
  6. Milk Makeup
    1. 60% of their products are vegan
    2. Not tested on animals
    3. Paraben-free
    4. Packaging is 100% recyclable
    5. Doesn't ship internationally *yet*
  7. Elixery
    1. Vegan
    2. Cruelty-free
    3. Gluten-free
    4. Safe, ethical, and free of animal testing, suppliers
    5. Original products! From scratch! Old fashioned, baby!
  8. Red Apple Lipstick
    1. Vegan
    2. Gluten-free
    3. GMO-free
    7. Made in the USA
  9. Flora&Fauna
    1. Ethical
    2. 100% vegan
    3. Cruelty-free
    4. Certified B corp
    5.  100% recyclable or biodegradable
    6. Supports a farm sanctuary
  10. The Body Shop
    1. Cruelty-free
    2. 100% Vegetarian with many vegan products 
    3. Promising plants for a natural and eco-friendly future
    4. Cons: use of plastic when unnecessary + very wasteful packaging
    5. For more info visit this link
  11. LUSH
    1. 100% Vegetarian with many vegan options
    2. Fights against animal testing
    3. Recycled and recyclable packaging
    4. Recycle your containers for you
    5. Gives incentives to promote recycling their containers in store
    6. Many products are package free
    7. Cons: uses harmful ingredients minimally such as SLS
    8. Not as natural as they claim to be
  12. RMS Beauty
    1. Natural
    2. Some vegan products
    3. Cruelty-free
    4. Recyclable packaging