Slow Days

Trillions of changes happen in every nanosecond in this vast universe. All of that doesn't matter to you when you first open your eyes in the morning. And if you're stubborn like me, you'll play a mental game with your alarm where you lose either way. So you get up and think about what you have to do today.

  • Answering messages you've ignored to a point it's embarrassing to reply.
  • Emailing that guy back.
  • Laundry.
  • Moving your body.
  • Fixing this or fixing that.
  • Personal ambitious goals you've set last night.
  • Calling your Grandma.


All of those tasks imposed by society or by yourself, when in reality, as one of my teachers in high school used to tell us, "all you have to do is die" I know, I know. It sounds awfully depressing, but hear me out. 

When you realized that you don't have to do anything in life you start to do all tasks and activities because you want to do them, rather than doing them out of anxiety and dreadfulness. You start doing what you've got to do out of love because you know it'll make you happier or it'll improve the quality of your life. 


I've got a lot I want to accomplish today. It's past 10 AM and the only thing I've crossed out of my long to-do list is "make roasted peanut butter" It was delicious by the way.

I didn't cross anything else, yet, the day passed by gracefully in tranquility. Falling in love with the aurora, gently touching different angles of the room as the sun rises, coloring the walls with a soft pink light. Getting in and out of dreams in savasana. Enjoying the look of my newly cleaned red carpet. Sunrays reflecting on the surface of my coffee, two of my favorite things in one cup, I thought to myself. I hear the birds chirping outside my window, telling me the world is alright. The smiths playing softly in the background. A bundle of incense burning next to me as I write. Plants hanging around me quietly, providing me with oxygen.

There's so much beauty in this world.

I want to listen to all the different sounds in a single song. Observe the day as it passes by. Grow with the days. Do all with love. Focus on one task at a time. Slow down. Breathe.