1. Forks Over Knives (on Netflix)
  2. Cowspiracy (on Netflix)
  3. Earthlings
  4. Plant Pure Nation (on Netflix)
  5. Food Choices (on Netflix)
  6. What the Health (on Netflix)
  7. Okja (on Netflix)
  8. The True Cost (on Netflix)
  9. A Plastic Ocean (on Netflix)
  10. Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (on Netflix)
  11. Miss Representation (on Netflix)
  12. The Mask you Live in (on Netflix)
  13. Before the Flood  (on Netflix)

YouTube & Blogs

  1. The Best Speech You'll Ever Hear By Gary Yourofsky. Seriously, the best.
  2. 101 Reasons To Go Vegan 
  3. Bite Size Vegan Is this vegan? Why isn't this vegan? All your questions answered by the amazing, intelligent, sarcastic Emily.
  4. VERY informative and covers just about every health topic.
  5. Cam & Nina For vegan lifestyle & recipes inspiration. Seriously, everything they create is filled with love!
  6. BonnyRebecca for an energy boost, great tips, and inspiration.
  7. Minimalists Baker for genius recipes.
  8. ForksOverKnives for healthy recipes, articles, and more!
  9. EarthyAndy  For some real inspiration. I'm talking Hawaiian life here.
  10. Thug Kitchen For the most creative recipes on the internet. 
  11. Kristen Leo Everything you need to know about ethical fashion.
  12. The Vegan Corner All kinds of great recipes presented to you in a simple entertaining video.