For Music Lovers

Hey, Uber guy, can you please take the long way home?

I'm the kind of person that would wait in the car until the song is over. There's something magical about listening to music at night while driving back home after a long day. 

The music is still playing through your headphones, but it's as if the song sounds completely different. The song remains unchanged, but you feel different, with the car cruising on the dim streets putting you in a different state igniting your creativity.

Music can dramatically change my mood. If I want to pump myself up before a meeting, I listen to some good rap music, before traveling, good old classic Shakira music. Hips don't lie, anyone?


But live music, well, It's ecstatic. It gets me high on life.

It's been two years since the last concert I've been to and as an avid music lover, the withdrawal symptoms are having a power over me. So, I found myself spending my Friday night watching live concerts and imagining myself swaying, dancing, or jumping with the crowd until I can't feel my legs anymore. Singing along and falling in love with the music. Falling in love with life.

There's something about live music that is hard to find anywhere else. 
The crowd has to be right though. And the closer you're to the stage, the more you forget about the time, the sweat, and all the problems in the world. You can just feel the music admiration in the air and the elevated energy.

You're overwhelmed with emotions and you find yourself wanting to cry and laugh at the same time. The feeling consumes you. Overtakes you even, and you find yourself falling in love with everyone and everything around you.

I'd love to see live:

Travis Scott, The Strokes, Kendrick Lamar, The Cure, the Smiths, TwoFeet, The Weeknd, Mike Love, and Led Zepplin because they were crazy on stage.

Time limitations aside, if you could organize a music festival with five bands/artists who would you pick?

What I binged watched:

Sidewalks  - The Hills - On Our Knees