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Specialty Coffee

  • Expat. Roasters never disappointed. Great coffee and excellent service.

  • Fortunata Coffee Shop A hidden paradise in Canggu. Professional coffee making skills that will blow your mind. The staff is very kind and attentive.

  • Satu -Satu A great place to work or meet a friend over a good cup of coffee, but don ‘t plan to eat here. The food is average.

  • Coffee Cartel A place to eat and enjoy a good cup of coffee + they label their vegan options.

  • Seniman Coffee (Ubud) A great coffee in Ubud. The baristas love what they’re doing, and so should you.

Kynd Community

Kynd Community



When it comes to food in Bali, there are a lot of hyped restaurants that are overrated and only good for instagram shots, but the food is unhealthy, below average, and even horrible sometimes.

It took us a while to find the real good places expats go to for real nourishing delicious meals. Below are some of these places.


Always check the hours before going. Many restaurants here in Bali close early.

If you’re trying to eat healthy, don’t be afraid to ask if something is fried or not.

Don’t trust the ratings. Read the reviews and see what suits you. Many places here are +4.7 stars on google maps but are horrible. Could be due to the quality of the restaurant going down after becoming extremely popular or many tourists with different backgrounds reviewing the place with poor understanding of what a good restaurant should be like.

Shelter Cafe

Shelter Cafe

  • Cafe Cos Cos - Healthy homey flavorful dishes in a cozy modern interior. They did a great job with their savory and sweet plates. The menu will make you indecisive. One of my favorite places in Bali, I just wish they labeled their vegan options.

  • Manggis in Canggu Most of their dishes are vegan. The food is creative and mind blowing. I’m still amazed by their Jackfruit sliders and overnight oats. Their dishes are mostly made of local ingredients and they have many Indonesian dishes on the menu. The place is beautiful and open. A great place for a good meal and to get some work done.

  • Kynd Community A fully vegan place. I’m happy every time I eat here. Very professional and the food is amazing. My favorites are the Italian Scramble and the Morning Fuel. Beautiful plates that taste as good as they look.

  • Kynd Creamery the right place if you’re craving ice cream. Oh, and it’s vegan.

  • Peloton Supershop One of my favorite spots in Bali. A perfect place for any meal or for dessert. Don't miss their Apple Crumble for a sweet treat. Don’t miss their Apple Crumble.

  • I AM Vegan Babe Loved this cozy restaurant. Great seating area with a beautiful view. The smoothie bowl (I had the cacao tree) is creamy with amazing granola. I was surprised that chocolate smoothie bowls are not popular in Bali. The savory dishes have too much sodium for my personal taste, but I love that the average person would like it and would get to enjoy great vegan food.

  • Watercress Cafe One of my favorite restaurants in Bali. The dishes are creative and you can taste the quality of the ingredients in every bite.

  • Milk & Madu (Canggu & Ubud) Amazing amazing food that suits everyone! From the healthy to the junkie person. The place is spacious and airy. A perfect place to go as a family, friends, or alone. I only wish they’d label their vegan options.

  • The Common Cafe the food here is fresh and delicious, but it’s on a noisy street so it’s not exactly the place to hangout.

  • The Loft Love their wraps and their peanut butter smoothie bowl. SO good.

  • Cafe Vida Great food that’s very healthy and I believe everything is organic. The smoothie bowls tested great but were very watery. A place for a good meal but don’t plan to work there.

  • Shelter Cafe Love the food here and the atmosphere. Try to come during the dead hours as it gets crowded in the morning. Great food not so good smoothie bowls.

  • Sisterfields Cafe Best Acaí I had in Bali. The food is average. Music and fans were too loud, next time I'd sit inside. The service is amazing. They don’t label their vegan options.

  • Give Cafe This cafe gives 100% of its profits to charities (that you can read about each one of them in the restaurant) The food here is mostly vegan Indonesian food with a twist. Good food and service.

  • Kajin Japanese Contemporary Sushi Probably one of the best sushi I’ve ever had. Ask them for vegan/vegetarian sushi as it’s not on the menu but they’ll serve you an amazing tempe sushi with avocado and cucumber. The tempe was made just right. I recommend that you book before coming here. Service is amazing.

  • Cafe Organic They have a couple of locations. I love, love the menu! Their food is tasty and their smoothie bowls are well made. It can get crowded here though, so try to go during dead times.

  • Alchemy A raw vegan restaurant in Ubud. The veggies are fresh, especially the greens, you can taste it. The sauces are delicious. I liked the papaya rolls. I wish I had the chance to come here for breakfast as they have a smoothie bar where you can customize your own with a variety of toppings. The dessert I tried was okay...

Watercress Cafe

Watercress Cafe

Beach Clubs

  • Potato Head The name gave me the impression that it’ll be a partying beach club, but to my surprise, it was actually very nice and dare I say, classy? Many organic options and the vegan options are delicious and creative, and most importantly, labeled. The beach beds are comfy and plenty. They have smoking areas as will, so it’s nice not to have the people around you smoke if you’re a non-smoker. The beach is nice in this area and there’s a long distance to walk on the beach. I’d highly recommend that you come here early! At least at 10, if you want to get a nice bed and before the place gets too crowded (around 3pm).

  • The Lawn The beds are comfy and it has a nice atmosphere overall. Somewhat family oriented and very chill at night.

  • Finns Beach Club I heard about this place before even going to Bali, but I hated it when I got their the first time. The second time I went there (Potato Head was full) However, the VIP section is not bad, and you get a nice view of the sunset. It’s open to the public, so don’t worry.

Health Stores

  • Soil Organic Grocers and Boosters (Seminyak) Love this store! They have a bulk section with many options and some homemade snacks! They also provide many handmade dishes and bowls. Tote bags etc.

  • Alive Wholefoods Store (Canggu) A great bulk section with many dried fruits and dates! A good variety of fresh produce as well and personal care products, etc.

Here’s my Bali Google list, it includes restaurants that I didn’t get the chance to visit.

Get a feel of Bali from my videos 💕

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Note that this list will be continued to be updated.


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