Journal Entries

Social Media Regulations 

  1. One hour of social media a day. Set an alarm if needed. Can be separated. Use a tracking app if needed. Such as Moment.

  2. 30 mins extra allowed occasionally if needed for work purposes.

  3. If you fail to discipline yourself, pay for an app such as Moment to cut you off.

  4. Sign out of YouTube is necessary.

  5. LIVE. There's enough time to do all the things you aspire to do, learn, and experience.

  6. Remember your dream life.



Live on a farm near the ocean and the mountains. Move, read, slow down.

To not get sucked into the trends or consumed by life's distractions.

Explore. Discover. Experience. 

What's life but going through the motions?


Stop selling me perfection. 

Life is beautiful.

Nature is perfect. 

Symmetry is boring. 

It's okay to be judged.

I love you.

I don't know where all of this is coming from. I don't know where this path leads to but I know it'll all be alright. 

There are infinit number of experiences in this life and the fact that some people get bored depresses me. 

Your mind is far more powerful than you think. Ironic. 

People just want to be noticed, heard, understood, accepted, loved and cared for.

It'll all be forgotten.


No one wants to be forgotten.

A good night sleep makes you a better person. 

Human memory is unreliable. 

Don't trust your memory. It likes to play tricks.

"Be the last to speak"

Understand. Don't just assume. 


I mean it.

Nothing is guaranteed.

Understanding is key to be in peace with yourself, others, and life.

It's crazy how much you can feel with a little bit of more awareness. 

I'm very excited to live my life and regulate my social media consumption.

I've got so much love in me to share with this world. 

Things that make my heart dance

1. being in nature 2. drawing 3. dancing 4. writing 5. moving 6. breathing 7. playing 8. lighting incense 9. closing my eyes  10. taking care of my plants 11. creating 12. making beautiful meals 13. yoga 14. meditating 15. walking 16. a good song 17. listening 18. learning a new language 19. feeling 20. touch 21. connecting 22. discovering 23. exploring 24. the sun 25. the moon 26. the stars 27. the water 28. fire 29. sand 30. loving 31. caring for others 32. picnics 33. reading 34. sharing 35. being alone 36. being with others 37. laughing 38. watching cartoons 39. wandering 40. getting lost 41. finding my way. 42. observing 43. cozy coffee shops 44. art 45. live music 46. being nice to a stranger 47. smiling 48. being around animals 49. the jungle 50. being understood.