Riyadh Guide

What you'll find in this guide:

  1. Vegan options in restaurants and cafes

  2. Healthy markets and grocery stores

  3. Farmer's market

  4. Yoga classes

  5. Fitness studios

  6. Sustainable Homegoods

  7. Local events

  8. Things to do

  9. Ethical fashion

  10. Animal welfare

Vegan Options:


  • Circle cafe: A whole vegan section. 🌱

  • Urth Cafe: Plant milk, vegan chocolate cake, and salads.

  • Greenish

  • Crust Corner - you can create your own salad + they offer many vegan ingredients


  • Rosteka : Pizza dough is vegan

  • Piatto : pizza, salads, fries, and veggies plate

  • Eataly

  • Serafina

🇱🇧 🇦🇲 🇹🇷 

Many vegan options. ASK about the bread 🥖 some aren’t vegan.

  • Mayrig - Armenian cuisine. Staff is very accommodating in my experience.

  • AlMayass Beirut: The chef accommodated us with an entirely vegan menu and it was so good. I believe the bread isn't vegan.

  • Topkapi - Turkish Restaurant: Their bread is vegan and is so good with toasted sesame seeds on top. AAH + their hummus is vegan.

  • Lusin: The hummus contains yogurt.

  • Kosebasi restaurant “Turkish”

  • Burj Alhamam

  • Lavash

  • Cilicia - Armenian cuisine “Vegan bread “🌱

  • Operation falafel 🥙

  • Off-white restaurant

  • Alreef al Lubnani

  • Karam Beirut

  • Leila min Lebnen


  • The Sushi Counter - vegan options labeled

  • Sushi Art

  • Sushi Yoshi

  • Nozomi

Coffee Shops

  • Nabt Fenjan: Specialty coffee, plant milk option, and vegan dessert. (female only)

  • Kanakah: Specialty coffee, plant milk and vegan options on the menu. (female only)

  • White Foam: Plant milk and vegan dessert.

  • The Roasting House: high-quality coffee beans.

Vegan junk food + burgers 🍔

  • Burger Fuel

  • Johnny Rockets

  • Nandos: Vegetarian wraps ask without cheese to make it vegan

  • Blac: Vegan burger, chickpea salad, chili cheese fries, and desert by The Bedouin Vegan

Fine Dining 

  • The Ritz Carlton: vegan chef on site I believe

*Thanks to my dear friend Deema, for helping me make this list as I rarely dine out... 

Health Stores + Grocery stores

  • L’Organic: Almost entirely vegan and organic. Organic vegetables and bread available. Many gluten-free options, and natural cleaning and personal care items.

  • The Organic Store: Organic store, fresh organic baked goods, and fresh vegan ice cream.

  • Biotic: many vegan options and alternatives, vegan cheese, superfoods, supplements, gluten-free options, protein powders, and more.

  • Nature Land

  • Alsuwaidi Mills and Roasters: a bulk section for nuts, seeds, and spices (not organic but affordable and for those who want to keep it minimal waste)

  • Flourish Bakery: Sourdough bread. Bread made with natural yeast.

  • Lulu hypermarkets: organic selection of fruits and veggies sometimes found there and many imported goods.

  • Watania: Local organic store.

  • Danube Supermarkets: an organic and gluten-free section.

  • Tamimi Supermarkets: Health section that includes: organic, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Organic Local Produce:

Farmers' Market:

  • Almurouj Farmer's Day: Every Saturday starting after Fajer prayer (around 5 AM depends on the time of the year) until 6 PM - Organic and local vegetables, organic products, and imported fruits (usually not organic).

Yoga and more

  • The Collective - Females

  • Sands

  • Kore Studios: a gym with yoga classes. Females only

  • Bab Alnour: Kundalini yoga classes and other yoga classes offered - Females only

  • Trilogy Wellness Center

  • Contrology

  • Sarah - Prana Shakti Siva

  • OZ Yoga

  • Nora Alwaily- Yoga teacher @Yogaksa on Instagram

  • Ghalia Almadani - Yoga teacher @gee_kh on Instagram

Fitness Studios


  • Kore: 2 branches - amazing energy in the gym and a kind community + a climbing wall +crossfit.

  • Move: Dance classes, fitness classes, a running club, and more!

  • Pheonix Fitness - amazing spinning classes with Nouf.

Home Goods

  • Horiat el Sharq for Pottery Goods

  • BoConcept: Danish Design - Learn more about their sustainable and ethical practice here

  • West Elm: Not the most ethical and sustainable but they're taking the right steps toward a more sustainable approach. They have FSC certified furniture.

  • Marina Home Furniture: Offer FSC certified furniture and unique pieces.


  • Janadriyah Cultural and Heritage Festival

  • International Book Fair

Things To Do

  • Edge of Riyadh

  • Edge of the World (2 hour drive)

  • Albujari - Historical venue with shops and restaurants.

  • Old Dir'aiyah

  • Camping in the dessert

  • Kingdom Center - Sky Bridge

  • Break Out - Escape Room

  • Diplomatic Quarter Trail

  • INTO - a female space for workshops and networking

  • Masmak Fort: historical area of Riyadh and old shops around the area

  • Wadi Hanifa - a valley for a day in nature or rock climbing

  • King Fahad National Library

  • Blend - Culinary classes

  • Tahlia Street - A walk with shops, cafes, and restaurants

  • Dirab: a day in nature, hiking trails, and a golf club

Animal welfare

I hope you find this list helpful! Let me know if there's anything I can add to this list and keep in mind that this list will always be updated.