Puffed Quinoa in Three Steps

IMG_0128Why buy something you can easily make? I try to add more quinoa in my life, but I get bored after a while with the regular quinoa with some veggies kind of dinner. So this alternative is great, and I don't see myself ever getting bored of it! You can mix it with yogurt, layer smoothies, ice cream, mix it in with your cereal or granola, top bliss balls, anything! Ahhh it's so crispy!

Plus, it's easy and fun to make, it pops just like popcorn, only not as far. You can store it for a while (I won't tell you how long before it would go bad because it depends heavily on where you live, humidity and such)



You can compare the colors of the popped and raw quinoa.


  1. Heat a large deep pan on medium-high
  2. When it's hot add one layer of quinoa (no oil)
  3. Move the quinoa around with a wooden spatula so it doesn't burn (it can be tricky) or move the pan itself from side to side. Remove quinoa when it's golden brown. Start another layer if you want!

Note: Just be careful not to let the quinoa pop on your face! I like to keep the pan's lid in the other hand to cover it from popping out while still using a wooden spatula to move the quinoa.