Hatem | Improve the Quality of your Life

Hatem is a very busy person who one day, realized how much weight he gained and how he has been neglecting his health for the sake of junk food and lack of exercise. One day, as he was zipping up his pants, he decided that he had enough and it's time to take control of his health and change his life. 

It amazes me how someone like Hatem can change their lifestyle completely in order to improve the quality of their lives. He has inspired me to believe that I, too can improve my life and change any bad habits I still mindlessly do in my days.  


He lost 35 kg and now he is a very active person who eats healthy plant-based meals despite his busy schedule as an orthopedic surgeon, learn how he does it in the interview questions below.

I hope his story inspires you as much as it inspired me. 

1. Who is Hatem? Who were you and who are you now?

 I am 30 years old orthopedic surgeon living in Egypt. I have always been very well known between my friends as a person who loves food like hell. Like If anyone who wants to eat anywhere he or she shall ask for my recommendation first.

2. How many kilos did you lose and how long did it take you to lose all of that weight?

Until now 35 kgs in almost 11 months

3. What was your wake up call, what made you decide to finally change your life?

Last year, specifically on 5/5/2017 I was in my middle brother wedding where I was telling my eldest brother about me being so fat lately. He advised me to read about plant-based diet and he kept sending me papers, research, and documentaries about the vegan lifestyle and how it is better for the health and environment. I kept reading for two days then I decided to begin my transformation journey.

4. Change is hard, and most people give up after a while and then try to change again and the cycle continues. How did you stick to your goal? What's your secret?

Seeing results and never to give up on yourself is the secret.

As humans, we are weak, and we have the tendency to forget especially when you are addicted to food. I ate meat few times but with every time I get the sense of guilt and start being on track again on the next hour. Never give up on yourself and be patient. You will see results that keep you motivated.

5. What were the obstacles you faced while changing your lifestyle?

Due to my long working hours. It is always difficult to not eat junk food. But with time you get to prepare your meals, and you become more familiar with cooking vegan food.

6. What are key factors that made you achieve this transformation?

I have to always state that I really thank my mom for preparing special meals for me and my brother for encouraging me. And also a lot of Arab vegan accounts that their recipes were really helpful.

7. What advice would you give to anyone trying to go on a plant-based lifestyle and start living healthfully?

Before starting it please read very well about a plant-based diet. You have to be strong scientifically so you don’t believe all the crap that is being said by week-end certified nutritionists who get certified by week-end certified nutritionists. Don’t believe the myth that says you can never get muscles without eating animal proteins. You can just google how many vegan athletes are out there.

8. What goals do you have for the future?

 With every step your goals gets higher and more difficult. Like qualifying to the finals the opponent gets more difficult. But in the end being in that journey is a win.