Lessons from a Pretzel

I knew that cakes always look better than they taste, but I ordered one anyway. After one bite, my theory got confirmed once again, the cake was dry and tasteless, but it looked pretty, well, before I ate it. After all, they say you can't eat your cake and have it too.


I believe life continues to teach you the same lesson until you get it. With every obstacle you've encountered, I bet you remember thinking to yourself "this time I got it, I've changed" But then life throws at you the same lesson again, reminding you that there's always room for improvement.

Same lessons, different versions. You promise yourself, "Next time, I'll trust my intuition". You know, that feeling you get in your stomach and all the red flags screaming at you to get away. But you ignore them all, telling yourself that you're just being paranoid because of what happened to you before. Deep down you know you're not that type of person. But that's what you tell yourself anyway. But why?

Is it because you enjoy the thrill of drama and getting yourself into problems? To distract yourself from your everyday life or from your real issues? Who knows. 

But now you know better. Or at least that's what you tell yourself. 

Now I want to leave you with a lesson I did learn and never repeated the same mistake again. Pretzels always smell better than they taste. So just enjoy the smell and walk by gracefully knowing that you're not missing out on anything.