India Love

India’s pink skies

Colorful homes

Vibrant shops

Warm sun

Hearty food

Ripe fruits

Shiny stars

Unique aromas 

Walking on the streets, I smell curry, then burning garbage, a second later I smell ripe fruits, after that incense coming from a temple.

I miss all of these. Going back is a must. 

I’ve never seen a culture as rich as India. I mean, they have their own headshake for God's sake!

This subcontinent is one of those places where you either love it or hate it. The secret to loving India is letting go. Accept things the way they are and you’ll take it all in with welcoming arms. I heard that the other half of people who don't love India, joke around saying that INDIA stands for I’ll Never Do It Again

How sad. 

If you want to experience India you must forget everything you know about how things should be done and the value of time. There isn't a way that is better than the other. See the better half in all matters. Let India teach you how to go with the flow and be amazed at how life has its own way of sorting itself out. I mean who are we to think that we know better than life itself. 

We often assume that we know what’s the best for us. Unfortunately, our judgment is biased and subjective. To prove my point, just think of a time in your teenage years when you wanted something badly but your parents refused to give it to you. Aren’t you thankful for that? 

How much did things change since then? Trust me, not much. 


India will teach you how to let go of the things you cannot control. 

Go with the flow sometimes. You’ll be surprised by how life always gets figured our and how us humans can adapt to just about anything. 

Just trust your path.