Simple Traveling

I crave simplicity. I don't want to be distracted with materials, worries, and meaningless attractions.

I'm sitting in a cafe and I can barely stay put due to all the excitement that's within me; it's overwhelming. But now it's time to get out of this 'vacation mode' and get back to being a productive human being. I've got so much inspiration from this trip and now is the time to turn that inspiration into action. This is the challenging part. The part where most people fail.

Influential people, yoga classes, wandering walks, aesthetic cafés, cozy beds (or couches), and nature.

Many people don't travel as much as they'd like to because of many reasons. No time, no money, or not finding someone to travel with. All these obstacles are just excuses we use to avoid getting out of our comfort zone. Traveling doesn't have to be expensive, it doesn't have to be a "vacation" and you definitely don't have to travel with anyone. You can be your best companion. Travel alone. You'll get to discover yourself as well as a new place.

Home is where I lay my head ♫

I'm not a nomad (not yet) nor am I an expert on traveling. However, I just wanted to share my experience with you. Hopefully, you'll find a few useful tips.

When I arrived DC I spent some time with the family then gave them my suitcase and said goodbye. I was left with only a small backpack. I only took a few items I really needed. And guess what? I ended up overpacking.


Take only what you really need. Even if you forget something, things get figured out.

*Take a reusable bag with you for when you buy food or end up with extra stuff


The first night I slept at my brother's place. The next day we camped in a tiny cabin. The minute we opened the door we looked at each other and both thought "Oh shit how are we gonna sleep here"  But once we arranged our stuff and made the beds, it felt so cozy I didn't want to leave.


Waterfalls. Snakes. Bears. Connecting with nature. No phone connection. Camp food. Hiking. Yoga. Fresh air. Living simply. That's what I craved.


It felt good to put an effort for every simple task we needed to be done. Being outside all day. Staring at the fire then talking about our thoughts on life.


I stayed at an Airbnb and a hostel. Discovered the cities and enjoyed their vegan restaurants. I met new people and hung out with my hosts and got a real sense of the cities. Minimal planning. The only thing I planned was a yoga class I'd take in the morning before I start my day. After the class, I would connect with the teacher or the students. Then see where the day takes me.


I walked everywhere and occasionally would stop at a cafe to journal and have some 'me time' . Sometimes a conversation would strike with a stranger and sometimes I'd just observe. I love meeting new faces. Every time I meet someone I discover a new part of myself. It opens my mind up to things I've never thought about.


Indulge in direct experiences. Go with the flow and wander. Do what you feel like doing at the moment. Let go of seeing everything. There's no point in rushing through your trip. Things never go the way you picture them. You gotta let go.


I have so many ideas and I feel so motivated to bring a lot of new exciting things to Sukkari. My only problem is that sometimes I get lost in my ideas and not know where to start. Sometimes I feel challenged to stay organized when I'm this inspired. To-do lists help a lot, but I need something more. Maybe I need a step by step plan or a weekly agenda. I'm not sure because I'm more creative when I just go with the flow.

How do you stay organized and productive? Please share with me your methods in the comments below xx