Tahini - Raw or Roasted!

This is way too easy not to make at home. I'm so thankful that I've decided to go zero waste, I was a little worried at first that it might be challenging, but oh girl, am I enjoying it! I've learned so much already and started making things at home that I used to think are too difficult to make myself. 

I'm so excited to continue making everything at home and eventually even grow most of my food at my own farm. My kind of dreams...


I tried to make tahini, or as we say it here in the Middle East, Tahina, twice before succeeding. The first time the sesames got burned. The second time, for some reason raw or roasted sesame seeds, would not blend in my food processor! That food processor is very strange, so experiment with different highspeed blenders and food processors in your kitchen. Thankfully, I decided to try blending them in my Vitamix, and voila, creamy tahini without any oil or water. 

Homemade Tahini



  • 3 cups of sesame seeds


  1. If you want roasted tahini, preheat your oven to 250F or 120C
  2. Line the seeds evenly on a baking sheet and roast for 10 minutes keeping a close eye on them
  3. Blend in the Vitamix or Magimix on slow speed until it forms a powder then gradually increase the speed to medium
  4. When it turns into a butter, you can add a little bit of salt to help bring out the rest of the natural oils in the sesames. Optional. In these photos I didn't use salt.
  5. If your machine gets overheated, that's okay. Just turn it off until it cools then continue blending*

Note: Mine did not get overheated. I kept the speed low for most of the time and ended up with creamy results in ~7 minutes in the Vitamix